How to Login to Your Hosting Account

If you purchase any of our web hosting services you will need to login to the client area to view and manage your product.

To login to your account

1.First off, you have to navigate to the Client Area. Simply look for the icon and select the option.

2.Enter the email address and password you signed up with to access your account.

Basic areas in the client area

1.A successful login takes you to your client dashboard. Here there are many useful tools available to help you manage your new service.

2.Under the heading, “Services” you can access your cPanel control Panel, WebMail and Make adjustments to your billing plan. You can also register or transfer domains and manage “Name servers” under Domains.

In the client area you can create, view and respond to existing support tickets. You must click on "Invoices", to view all your invoices for the service(s) you have purchased.

That’s it! It’s that easy.

Thank you for choosing our services!

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